Words that make me Giggle or Barf…

I’m going to get things started with words that I love make me giggle and hate barf.

1* Squarsh. Makes me laugh. So much so, that I wrote a story based around it.

2* Pterodactyl. I pronounce the ‘P’ which brings me joy. If I can’t think of a word, I use this one as my go.to word.

3* Kumquat. Sure, it’s not dirty but it sounds like it. The kid comes out of me because I giggle every time someone says it.

4* Morning. I know it’s silly, however, this word bugs me. Every time someone says it…I cringe. I’m not certain why. Just take a minute and say it out loud. Go ahead…I’ll wait. See what I mean. It nasally and unattractive. Maybe it’s just me. I’ve replaced it with G’day mate. I get some stares but overall, most people smile and shrug it off.

5* Cinnamon. I have a hard time saying it. It makes me tongue twisted. I like it. Brings me joy.

6* Aluminum. No matter how hard that I try, I can not say this word. It will not roll off my tongue. Frustrates me.

7* Linoleum. Another one that aggravates me because I can not say it. My tongue refuses to make it come out right.

8* Autumn. Probably, one of my favorites. Reminds me of everything wonderful. Halloween, pumpkins, fall colors, perfect weather, hot coffee on cool nights…

9* Fart. Grrr!!! There is only one word that I dislike more than this one. It just sounds foul. Everyone that knows me uses this word simply because they know it gets under my skin. And yes, they laugh 😛

10* Starts with C rhymes with hunt I CAN NOT TYPE MY MOST HATED WORD. That word makes me gag. Anyone who uses it, immediately loses respect.

***I’ll update as I think of them. In the meantime, What’s your word?

…if you’re interested you’ll come back for more


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