I have this nasty little habit (actually it’s quite awesome) of handwriting all my material for my own personal creative release. I mean everything under the sun. I’ve got short stories, novels, screen writes, dreams, silly quips, and random randomness <—clever, right? I now have the desire to expose my craziness and dip others into my conscience. I’m in the process of converting all my words of mass delusions…I mean, enlightening entertainment, into typed format so that I may share them on my blog. Oddly enough, I write thirteen times faster than I can type it up. It’s coming, I promise…


2 responses to “Ketchup

  1. I love writing things by hand ;).

    P. S. I tried inviting you to my tribe on triberr,but I’m so new to it; I’m having a tough time figuring it out. I asked one of my friends to invite you to another writing tribe that I’m in. Sorry for the delay 😉

    • I can write pages at a time without blinking an eye…this keyboard is a challenge. Not certain why 😛 I’m struggling on the Triberr thing. It seems the more that I read, the less I know. I just sent you an invite (I think.)

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