Me, in a NUTshell, emphasis on nut :)

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” Dr. Seuss

I am a very creative and imaginative person who is especially open to new ideas or new ways of thinking about old problems. I love to approach a conventional idea or a traditional way of doing things by jumping out of the box and exploring it from a novel perspective. I adore thinking and feeling my way into unexplored landscapes where I let my sense of intellectual adventure frolic freely. I crave new information, and mishmash it in my vivid imagination with stunning results. When I come across an idea from someone else or a thought in my own head that is particularly bewitching or unusual, I light up. I find that some people fear new ways of thinking and creative ways of solving problems because they view themselves fragile in their current worlds and don’t want someone, like me, for instance, rounding the edges of their straight edge life. However, other creative souls find a cohort on the journey into the unknown. I have mad people skills and find conversations lively and innovative. It ignites my imagination. I listen well, the first rule of good communication, and then, when it’s my turn, I talk vigorously and with animation. Unfortunately, my separation from the real world makes me seem cold-hearted or without feelings because I get lost easy. On the contrary; I hurt when a friend is in pain or is in trouble. I cry occasionally at a movie, or when watching a particularly touching story on the evening news. I attempt to stay calm in emotional storms and hold the emotions deep in my soul. It connects me on a distant plain. My willingness to go on adventures of the mind can undoubtedly be dangerous or daunting. I’m not a slave to a plan. I’m committed to it, but not chained to it; the connection is more casual and informal. Sometimes “the best laid plans” fall off the tracks; when this happens, I clean up the train wreck and start over, undeterred. When plans change, I’m okay with it. In fact, sometimes I change the plan. It’s too nice of a Saturday to finish organizing the garage. Let’s go for a bike ride instead. True, the next rainy Saturday will likely find me back in the garage, but for now the work can wait. I like to follow the impulse of the moment. I’m proud of my work ethic, but I also enjoy my willingness to lay the tools down, crank up the music and play like a child. It keeps the creative juices flowing.


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