Weekly Writing Challenges: From Mundane to Meaningful


I slipped on my flip flops and made my way to the mailbox. Bills…bills…bills, wonderful. Just as I was heading back, a glimmer caught my eye. A massive spider web was being created behind my mailbox. My first instinct was to screech, ewww! I found a stick and had every intention of ridding my yard of that creepy crawly critter.  I stopped. The intricate details of his web impeded my initial thought. I could just image all the hard work that was involved in such beautiful artwork. A new characteristic could be discovered by adjusting my viewpoint. The sun rays bounced off the almost translucent webbing. A glimpse of his life rushed over me. This fascinating maze served a purpose. It provided him a home, a feeding ground and a place to belong. Who am I to destroy his life? Chances are…he eats the bugs that annoy me. I carried my mail inside finding myself completely content with my new neighbor.

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Gubler Flu Figurine

I’ll begin with telling you that Doogan was much easier to create. The Gubler Flu has a lot of intricacies. Of course, I’m building a 3D model from a tee shirt image. ImageMatthew has such a vivid imagination and a peculiar way of designing mesmeric pieces. It’s outlandish to believe that I could recreate his art anywhere near his visions. I attempted it though. The Gubler Flu was created completely out of newspaper. Image                              He’s about 8 inches tall. The arms were enjoyable to manipulate (insert sarcasm.)  ImageIt took two coats of paint to give him that fleshy tone.Image Now, he and Doogan hang out waiting for Geeselund. (guess what I’m working on now)ImageImage


*I did notice after the photo shoot that my Gubler Flu replica is missing his antennas. I’ll fix it!

Gublerland: Under Construction

I’m going to embark upon an exciting journey. I adore Gublerland so much that not only am I writing a story, I’ve decided to bring it to life. I have no idea where I’m going to display an entire town. This should prove to be interesting 😉 I can get lost in fabulous adventures there. Creating it gives me hope, a sense of belonging, and absolute happiness.  The obvious beginning is with the Mayor Doogan Gooseberry. His starting point has four components; glue, newspaper, toothpicks and napkins. I worked a little magic with PapiermâchéI added some paint, paying attention to detail. He has a rip in the knee of the pants and a belt like Matthew created. The scattered teeth and top hat were the finishing touches. In the background you’ll see the sketch of Doogan’s home that I’m building now. I’ll keep you updated with the construction. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! Have a Gubler.ific Day!!!

Creating a Haunted House

I crave the strange and unusual. Paranormal activity excites me and Halloween is the BEST…yes, I stress in my big girl voice…the BEST day ever. Eight years ago, my daughters and I moved into apartments. We were in an upstairs unit. The balcony was perfectly shaped for a scare zone…terrifyingly so.. leading into my apartment. Several children refused to come onto our porch (chickens) including the children that shared the porch with us. Their Mom was humored but made me meet her in the parking lot so I could help her cover their eyes and get them safely into their apartment. It was a single parent community and we had a council that consisted of four parents. They decided on family functions each month. Every year there was a Halloween party (with everyday music, very minimal décor and typical foods) and a haunted house that was one room big, not scary in the least bit and built with very little creativity. While I appreciated their efforts, it was a let down. My third year as a resident, the council had a BRILLIANT idea. They asked me to head up the Halloween committee. AHHH!!! My dream (and all others nightmares) came true. I immediately had ideas running amuck. I nabbed a copy of our 501c3 form and began to hit up local establishments. Most places gave me gift cards. Restaurants donated a lot of food. The party was incredible to say the least. The food was monster themed and the clubhouse was spooky. Before the party began, I had parents set up around the complex for a trick or treat trail. I found a local band who played awesome music outside and an extremely talented DJ who had the party rocking inside. My proudest moment happened when the first group entered the Haunted House. We took over a two bedroom apartment. The first room was completely blacked out with a faint light across the room. As the door closed the group felt compelled to move toward the light trying to search for the exit. Loud erratic music filled the room, the light became brighter as a lid began to open. Suddenly, the group was faced with a mutilated corpse rising from a casket. The walls seem to close in. It was Gothic Monks surrounding them. Adrenaline was pumping and screams took over the room. The monks backed up and let everyone move onto the haunted corridor. I had makeshift walls that were coated in splattered glow paint. The floor was covered in a thick layer of leaves with random sticks that made you feel like the floor would collapse at any time. There were people hiding in corners that kept everyone afraid to move on. At the last corner the room opened up to a cannibals kitchen. Body parts were boiling in vats of blood and bugs for that extra yummy seasoning. Fingers lined plates, bowls of eyeballs and brains cluttered the counters. The creepy cannibal offered delicious treats but everyone declined with screams of terror.



They rushed to the next room only to find that a bride was sewn to a wall and fighting for life as blood drained from her body soaking the floor. Fleeing from the killer hiding behind the door, the group was forced into my room. From a distance, I appeared to be a girl dressed in a white gown laying in bed. Within seconds the Holy Water began to burn my skin as the Priest doused me in it for my exorcism. I thrashed about trying to free my wrists from the bedposts and kill them all. My face was ashy and covered in gashes. (I wore contacts that even frightened me a little.) As I tore free from my bindings, the group ran across the hall. The last task was to make it through the wicked forest. Trees were attempting to absorb souls. Evil sprites and fairies collected prisoners. Needless to say, my Haunted House was a hit. Several kids and adults refused to go through after hearing tales of terror. A few brave souls came through more than once. The reviews were fantastic and I was asked to be the official “Halloween Committee.”

We moved into a house three years ago. I always decorate my house and yard but last year it felt a little empty. I miss terrorizing people. Gruesome, I know. My backyard is huge and the layout is perfect to host a morbid Haunted House.

My question (s) for you, Mr. Gubler are;

1. Will you consider spending a weekend here with me hosting the bestest & scariest Haunted House ever?
B. Can we start putting ideas down …now… to give us plenty of time to frighten people thoroughly?
Trois. How do you feel about “Gubler’s Gruesome Gallery Gallivanting Gory Geists“?