I have this nasty little habit (actually it’s quite awesome) of handwriting all my material for my own personal creative release. I mean everything under the sun. I’ve got short stories, novels, screen writes, dreams, silly quips, and random randomness <—clever, right? I now have the desire to expose my craziness and dip others into my conscience. I’m in the process of converting all my words of mass delusions…I mean, enlightening entertainment, into typed format so that I may share them on my blog. Oddly enough, I write thirteen times faster than I can type it up. It’s coming, I promise…


Words that make me Giggle or Barf…

I’m going to get things started with words that I love make me giggle and hate barf.

1* Squarsh. Makes me laugh. So much so, that I wrote a story based around it.

2* Pterodactyl. I pronounce the ‘P’ which brings me joy. If I can’t think of a word, I use this one as my word.

3* Kumquat. Sure, it’s not dirty but it sounds like it. The kid comes out of me because I giggle every time someone says it.

4* Morning. I know it’s silly, however, this word bugs me. Every time someone says it…I cringe. I’m not certain why. Just take a minute and say it out loud. Go ahead…I’ll wait. See what I mean. It nasally and unattractive. Maybe it’s just me. I’ve replaced it with G’day mate. I get some stares but overall, most people smile and shrug it off.

5* Cinnamon. I have a hard time saying it. It makes me tongue twisted. I like it. Brings me joy.

6* Aluminum. No matter how hard that I try, I can not say this word. It will not roll off my tongue. Frustrates me.

7* Linoleum. Another one that aggravates me because I can not say it. My tongue refuses to make it come out right.

8* Autumn. Probably, one of my favorites. Reminds me of everything wonderful. Halloween, pumpkins, fall colors, perfect weather, hot coffee on cool nights…

9* Fart. Grrr!!! There is only one word that I dislike more than this one. It just sounds foul. Everyone that knows me uses this word simply because they know it gets under my skin. And yes, they laugh 😛

10* Starts with C rhymes with hunt I CAN NOT TYPE MY MOST HATED WORD. That word makes me gag. Anyone who uses it, immediately loses respect.

***I’ll update as I think of them. In the meantime, What’s your word?

…if you’re interested you’ll come back for more